Fireplace Screen – A Decorative Safety Device

fireplace screenIf you have a fireplace at home, you definitely need a fireplace screen as well. Having a fireplace gives your home an area where you can just relax after an exhausting day. It is a spot where you and your family can gather during the cold winter and feel the warmth of the log wood burning. That is why it is important to have a screen to keep you protected from the open fire.

Screens for safety purposes

Placing a screen is primarily for safety purposes. It acts as a safety device or barrier so that you can go a bit near the fireplace without having to worry about getting burned. This way, you and your loved ones may be able to enjoy the fire and warmth with safety. A screen also acts as a filter such that the dust and ashes are prevented from flying inside the room. Smoke is prevented from filling the room.
You need not worry about logs rolling out of the fireplace because the screen stops this from happening. When burning wood rolls into your carpet or wooden floor, it can cause damage. Sparks from the burning logs are also prevented from reaching your furniture or rug that might cause an unwanted fire. Hence, a screen lessens fire hazards and accidents.

Screens for aesthetic purposes

Another reason why screens are popular is their aesthetic contribution to your home. Nowadays, there are elaborate designs and tons of options to choose from. Not all the time a homeowner uses his fireplace. Often, they are only used occasionally. During the time when they are not in use, a beautiful screen leaves the room a pleasant feel. Sometimes you forget to clean your fireplace after use because you are busy. A dirty fireplace is not a good sight. Having a screen can cover your dirty fireplace in the meantime.

There are screens which have an elegant finish that when you light up a flame, it gives off a nice effect especially if it is one made of glass. Likewise, if you fireplace is not that grand, having a nice screen will accentuate it. If you also want to redecorate your home, getting a screen for your fireplace is a less expensive purchase that you can make.

Different screen materials

Screens vary when it comes to the materials they are made of. One type of screen is made of wooden material. This type acts more as a decorative piece. It can only be used as a cover when your fireplace is not in use. Otherwise, keeping it close to the flame might be dangerous. This kind is usually bought by those who rarely use their fireplace.

Another type is made of metal. These metal screens are commonly used by a lot of home owners. Metal screens are typically produced from brass, iron, steel and other metals. They are great for prolonged heat exposure. They are also great filters for ashes and smoke. However, be careful not to keep in contact with the metal especially if you have been burning logs for a long time already. You can burn your skin when you accidentally touch the hot metal.

Glass screens have also gained popularity. Like wooden screens, they are more for decorative purposes. However, they can withstand some heat unlike wooden screens. They can be used to cover open flame but it is advised not to use them for a long period. Extreme heat can also break them despite their special material. There are some screens made of glass manufactured that can withstand high heat but they can be quite expensive.

In buying screens, keep in mind that safety should be of primary importance if you frequently use your fireplace. The decorative aspect comes next.

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